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Image by Yuri Bodrikhin

About Us

Root Mushroom Farm

We started just for fun! The more we learn about mushrooms, the more we like to grow mushrooms . Fungi are the most widely spread organism on our planet. As a subdivision hosting--mushrooms  are not only very critical for our environment, but also play very important roles on human health. People now already realized that fungi can:

  • enhance the immune system.

  • lower cholesterol levels.

  • are helpful in the recycling agricultural, plant-based wastes.

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With dedicating to bring high quality gourmet mushrooms to our society. We use wheat bran, saw dust, spent coffee grounds and many other agriculture wastes to grow our mushrooms. We also developed three easy-to-grow mushroom kits for you to grow your own mushrooms at home!  We want you to have fun just like us, and to learn the fascinating process of mushroom growing.

Discover The Incredible World Of Mushrooms With Us!

Join our journey from fun enthusiasts to passionate mushroom growers, and unlock a wealth of benefits for your health and the environment.

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