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Golden Oyster Mushroom Growing Instructions



Step1. Cut the plastic bag just below the plastic tie;   keep the rest of plastic wrapping around the log,which should be always kept with it. 



Step2. Place the log back into the original product box. Cover the box loosely with the humidity tent, being sure to pull the tent, open side down, over the box top as indicated in the diagram.   

Step3. Be sure to mist both the exposed end of the log and the inside of the humidity 
tent every day at least twice, using the spray bottle supplied. Please check “Water” in the following “Growing Conditions” for more details. In 5-7 days, you should be able to see mushrooms sprouting. 

When the majority of your mushrooms reach maturity (the mushroom cap edge is about to flat out, or if you find any mushroom is shooting spores), pull off all clusters no matter large or small.  
Any mushrooms or stems left on the log will become sli my as they decompose and will sicken your log if not removed. In most cases, harvesting should be in 5-10 days after mushroom starting.

Growing Conditions

 Temperature:  65°F~80°F.  Golden oyster is a warm weather mushroom,
primordia(mushroom starting points) may not form if temperature is below 65° F.


 Light: Golden Oyster mushrooms need light to grow, The brightness of the gold cap color is directly related to the intensity of light, but do not expose your kit to direct sunlight.

 Water:  The log already contains enough water, so do not water it. As long as there are condensation droplets on the inside surface of the humidity tent, you do not need to spray. AVOID OVER- WATERING the surface of the log. If there is any water visibly pooling on the log, please remove it. In~7days, you should be able to see mushrooms growing. Once mushrooms start to grow, please do not spray the surface of the log or the baby mushrooms. (Otherwise, they may become withered.) Simply keep the humidity tent moist with condensation droplets.

When your mushrooms are growing and the humidity tent is blocking their the way, you may just remove the tent, and spray the mushrooms directly and more frequently.

Get Ready for Your Next Flush 

We guarantee you the first flush. However, in most cases, the kit can give you a second flush (round of fruiting), or even a third flush before it is exhausted. Please prepare your log according to below steps for a next flush:


1)    Use a fork to scrap away the top layer of the log to remove any leftover mushrooms and stems.
2)    Soak the whole log with the plastic wrapping still intact in water for at least 2 hours (use a weight to keep the open end of the log under water).
3)    Remove the log from underwater and drain any excess water, then use any plastic bag you have (like from a grocery store) to wrap the log completely. Place the log back into the box, close the box, and place the box in a dark place for 7 days.
4)    After 7 days, open the box, remove the plastic bag you placed around the log (not the original plastic wrapping, which should always be kept with the log). Spray the open surface of the log and the inside of the humidity tent as before. Please note that you might see some white fuzzy stuff growing on the surface of the log, this is mushroom mycelium, not mold. Do not try to clean it off or discard the log.
5)    Enjoy another growing flush!

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