• 10cc 100% CLEAN active mycelium liquid culture
  • Colonization/Primordia Formation::70-75° F/50-60° F
  • Tested before it is launched onto the market
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


One of Japan's most popular cultivated mushrooms, tastes slightly nutty and is often used in stir-fries. Nameko is a cold triggered mushroom that typically fruits in the fall months when the temperature drops below 50F for the first time, and flushes twice a few weeks apart. The best method for cultivation is logs bundled together on the ground and slightly submerged length-wise, covered with leaves. When these “rafts” fruit, they explode with hundreds of Nameko, wall to wall fruiting, so be prepared to use a pair of scissors to clip these off just above the logs into a basket and straight into the kitchen!

All cultures are from our sterile lab. You will receive 10cc 100% CLEAN actively growing mycelium in a liquid solution along with everything you need to inoculate your substrate. Before apply the culture to your substrate, make sure shake it first in order to spread the mycelium evenly in the liquid medium.
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Nameko(Pholiota nameko)